Hello (World) Dublin

I have been here in Dublin for almost 4 weeks now, and among other things:

  1. I have found an awesome apartment. Still need to move in.
  2. I know how to move around the center (more or less).
  3. I finally have a cell number (it took several attempts until I received a SIM card by mail).
  4. I am getting a little stressed about work (welcome to adult life!).
  5. I found out about hurling and gaelic football (weird, weird!).
  6. I’ve played some foosball in the office

Other than that, I feel like Dublin is very similar to the UK (or the UK is similar to Dublin, whatever swings your way), and people here in Ireland are really friendly.

TV shows I have been watching (no spoilers)

One can dedicate a whole blog to shows, commenting particular episodes, etc. Here is a little bit:


This show is about cool lawyers with even cooler-looking suits. It shows all the intricacies of being a lawyer at a top firm in New York (or so they say, I never had the pleasure of seeing it in real life).

I feel they have been dragging for too long a case in the third season, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it until the mid-season finale (mid-season finale is weird, huh? the other half of the season comes out in the winter).

Breaking Bad

This super awesome, frenetic show is coming to an end, and it couldn’t do it in a better way. For every episode I’m just blown, and we have two 75-minute long episodes left!

"Walter White vs Heisenger (main character)"